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Dancers Looking For Magic Position 

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August 19, 2007

The start of the basketball season is still some time off, but dozens of women turned out Saturday at the RDV Sportsplex to be a part of the Orlando Magic's dance team.

News 13's sports reporter Jon Hirozawa drew the short straw and followed the hopefuls trying out for the team.

There were about 100 hopefuls, but there is only room for 18 on the team. The math is so easy even a sports reporter could do it. Somebody's going home at the first round of the Magic Dancers auditions.

"To be a Magic Dancer, we're really looking for that 'wow' factor, but aside from being a great dancer, the obvious part of what we're looking for, we're really looking for well-rounded young women. We really need young women that are good team players because this is a team environment and we're just looking for that well-rounded, beautiful, physically-fit dancer that possesses everything that I've talked about," said Jeanine Klem-Thomas, the manager of the Magic Dancers.

"I've danced my whole life and I actually tried out last year and I didn't make the final cut, so it gave me the drive to work harder and come out again this year. It's definitely a big goal that I need to set for myself is to make the dance team. I've always wanted to," said Ashley Bolding, of Orlando.

The 18 dancers that make the team have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Impressing the judges is the easy part.

"Being a Magic Dancer is definitely a full-time commitment. You have rehearsals about three times a week. Once the games kick in, you could have anywhere from one to three games a week, but our girls do this because they love it and it's something that they really enjoy, so that just makes it all better for them," said Cherie LaRosa, who has spent five years with the Magic Dancers.

About 30 to 40 dancers will make the second round of eliminations, and being on the team last year does not guarantee a spot this year.

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