Sunday, August 05, 2007

Checkmate Celia Staying Busy This Summer 

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Charlotte Checkers

As a Charlotte Checkers CheckMate, she dances on ice with 15 other girls. As a fitness competitor, she is alone on stage. Both are equally nerve wracking.

At the end of the Checkers season, Celia Davis Thompson began preparing for this year’s fitness pageants. She increased her workouts, completed more cardio than usual, and dieted down to her competition figure. She even rehearsed her fitness routine after 8 hours of dancing each day at the P.R.O Convention in Atlanta. How’s that for determination and dedication?

In June, Celia competed in the 2007 Fitness Universe Pageant in Miami Beach, Florida and placed 12th. Competitors from all over the world competed in a weekend full of fitness routines, bikini contests, and photo shoots. She is at the top of the game, and after being in the fitness business for 4 years, she has created quite a name for herself in the industry.

Hockey, pro cheerleading, and fitness? Are you questioning how they all come together? After Celia’s rookie year as a CheckMate, her newfound love of hockey made her “theme” for her fitness routine an easy decision. It was hockey of course! A hockey themed costume, using a hockey stick and puck for props, and hockey themed music inspired Celia to bring something new to the sport of fitness. And the judges had never seen anything like it!

She credits the Checkers Hockey Team and the CheckMates for giving her inspiration to be so creative this year. Not only is she re-auditioning for a spot as a CheckMate in August, but she’ll continue to compete in 3 more fitness pageants this year.

For more information about the Celia, or any of the Charlotte CheckMates, visit www.checkerscheckmates.com.

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