Monday, August 27, 2007

Charger Girls at Chargers Fan Fest: Bonus Photos 

Posted by James at 4:09 PM ET

Blog Reader and Charger Fan Nick Mikesell was also at the Chargers Fan Fest a few weeks ago. He sent us this report and some photos of the Charger Girls:
Ah yes, football season is here. For an avid fan who endures major withdrawals during the off-season nothing provides relief from the separation anxiety better than a day at Qualcomm Stadium for the San Diego Chargers' annual Fan Fest. What could be better than a sunny Saturday afternoon at the stadium with all the Chargers players, $1 Charger Dogs and sodas, and of course, the lovely Charger Girls... "The Hottest Dance Team in the NFL".

San Diego Charger Girls

The girls were absolutely fabulous. Perhaps I'm a little biased, but I do believe they are the "best" dance team in all of professional sports. Their personalities are all magnetic... they constantly smile... and they don't mind posing for pictures with the throngs of people surrounding them. Each girl took the time to chit-chat with the fans and sign tons of autographs. Their bright smiles and lively outfits captivated the young girls who looked up to them in admiration. Their beauty certainly captured the attention of every male fan in attendance (and perhaps a little envy from the wives accompanying them, mine included).

Needless to say, the practicing players found a few spots on my camera's memory card... but thanks to the continuous drive feature on my camera, my shutter continued to snap away with a flurry of Charger Girl beauty. What can I say? Wouldn't you do the same?

So now I give to you a few of my exploits. These pictures cannot convey the special event that was interacting with these terrific young ladies face to face. But I still do hope you enjoy them.

Nick's photos in the gallery here.

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