Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ben-Gals Preseason Action 

Posted by Sasha at 8:38 PM ET

The Cincinnati Ben-Gals are tearin' it up out there on the field and preseason has just begun. The Bengals lost their first game, but the cheerleaders kept the fans going.

Ben-Gals captain Deanna sent us these terrific photos of her girls in action. Unfortunately, Deanna had ACL surgery a little while back, so she's warming the bench while her knee heals. I imagine that leg brace is taking the choreography in a whole new direction! All joking aside, please join me in sending lots of "get well soon" vibes in her direction.

Pre game practice on the field

One last snapshot in the locker room before game time

Forming the tunnel during fireworks

Tiffany performs the game opener dance,
"Welcome To the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses.

Rhonee, Tiffany, Amy, Aisha and Kristie pose for a picture during first quarter

Heather performing during 2nd quarter

Teresha, Sarah, Whitney, Shannon, Heather and Lindsey pose for a 2nd quarter group shot

Bengal Alumni Sherri, Heather S and Missy were at the game!
They're in the front row showing their support.

Second year veteran Stephanie had the "Cheerleader of the Week" honor this game

Second year veteran Brooke seemed like an old pro
as she made her Side Captain debut this game

This dance just looks fun

The girls spell B-E-N-G-A-L-S between 3rd and 4th quarters

LaTasha, Tara and Alyson perform a group filler routine

Erin, Kat and LaTasha perform the "Bang on The Drums"
routine after the Bengals scored a Touchdown

Tara performing the "Bang on the Drums" routine after the Bengals scored a touch-down

Erin, Kat, LaTasha, Tara and Alyson pose for one last picture
before returning to the locker room after the game is over.

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