Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Atlanta Thrashers Audition Blog 

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Auditions for the 2007-08 Atlanta Thrashers Blue Crew are underway and Christina is doing her best to make sure she's back for a second season after being one of the most recognizable members of the inaugural 2006-07 squad. She'll keep you up to speed here in her Blue Crew Blog.

Sunday, August 12
Day 1 - Skating Auditions

I couldn’t believe how many ladies signed up for the blue crew tryouts today. We had at least 40 sign up and we were all looking our best. There were a lot of gorgeous girls in top shape. Before we went out on the ice we were divided up into two groups. I was in the second group so I was able to sit back and wait an hour while I scoped out the competition before it was my turn to skate. The skating drills were not that difficult for an experienced skater. We did some balance and agility, crossovers, stopping, pushing the net, and picking up hats. But there were a handful of fast, graceful, figure skaters in the first group that really made the drills look easy. Although I have been playing ice hockey for about 12 years and I was very confident in my skating skills, I knew I had to step it up a notch in order to make the first cut.

So when the second group finally got on the ice we skated a couple of laps to warm up then we all had to take off our jackets. Since we were wearing pants and crop tops you could say we never really warmed up. Even last season with our short skirts and crop tops you adjusted to the Phillips Arena temperature and eventually warmed up, but the Ice Forum was a lot colder. Besides the fact that of the blistering cold we had to make sure we were smiling every drill we skated. I just skated my hardest, completed each drill as fast as I could, and kept smiling no matter how bad my teeth were chattering.

After about an hour of drills we were all finished and they were getting all the girls together to announce the ones that made the first cut. I hated this part because it made me so nervous. I had to keep telling myself that I gave it the best I had and if I don’t get called I don’t have to beat myself over it because I tried my hardest. Each girl was given a number in the beginning of signing up that we pinned to ourselves. The judges were calling out the girls’ numbers that they wanted to continue on. I just kept looking down at my number waiting to hear it but it seemed like every number was called except for mine. My heart started racing, I was trying to stay calm and keep telling myself not to worry and then finally, my number was of the last ones called and I sighed with relief. Wow, this whole day was so intense and this was only the first test. This was supposed to be my strongest area and I felt like I had to try extra hard. Only 27 girls made the first cut. The final cut is on Friday and there are more tests we have to pass. These next tests are some of my weaker areas so hopefully I get through it.

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