Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adrenaline Rush Dancers To Entertain Troops In Kosovo 

Posted by Sasha at 8:18 PM ET

ChicagoRush.com: Seven members of the Adrenaline Rush Dancers – Gloria, Jenny, Tricia, Tracey, Kelley D., Kelly S. and Kelly K. – soon will embark on the trip of a lifetime, traveling to central Europe to entertain U.S. troops stationed in Kosovo.

The four-day tour of the Balkans will begin on August 22, when the dancers will fly to Vienna, Austria, before being transported to Kosovo. Once they arrive, the group will spend their time living on U.S. military bases and interacting with soldiers. The dancers also will perform two 60-minute shows for the troops.

“I am really excited for the trip,” said Gloria. “I think it is a great opportunity as well as a great learning experience for each of us. We’ve been working really hard on the show and can’t wait to see how it will be received by the troops.”

The dancers will chronicle their trip by filing a journal, complete with photos from the trip, on the Rush Web site, www.chicagorush.com.

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