Sunday, August 26, 2007

2007 MDC web update 

Posted by Sasha at 9:26 PM ET

On Friday, MiamiDolphins.com launched the newly revamped cheerleader pages. Here are a few previews. There's a whole lot going on there, so click here to see it all for yourself*

Jennifer O, Kayla, Missy, and Adriana

Michelle, Lynesa, and Genesis

The 2008 cover girls - Christina, Cara, and Ashton

Cara's outfit? I don't get it either.
I refuse to believe everyone vote against the surfboard photos.

Sandy, Teather, and Fabiola on game day

*Warning: Don't plan on listening to music (or anything else) while surfing the site. The webmaster did a great job, but s/he neglected to add an on-screen option to turn the sound off. This wouldn't be a problem, except there's no way to navigate the site without returning to the intro page, and the music on the intro page never stops. EVER.

And...if I may be so bold, it's not the music I would've chosen. Everyone's heard the song. It's fun, it's upbeat. But - stereotypes being what they are - if you're only going to use 20 seconds of a song, does it HAVE to be the part that goes "now you don't need the money if you look like that, do you honey?"

Has Simon Cowell taught us nothing about song choice?

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