Monday, July 16, 2007

Where is She Now: Rachel Engler 

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It's only been a couple of months since Rachel hung up her boots.

She's still a nurse serving in the Navy.

This past Friday she was among the guests of Gianni Castellaneta, Ambassador of Italy, and Lila Castellaneta, at a special dinner at the Italian Embassy in honor of wounded US servicemembers.

Thirty-four wounded veterans from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Md., and 38 family members feasted on cold cuts, salads, fresh mozzarella cheese, melons, a tasty beef ragout, roasted chicken and potato casserole.

Rachel, Redskins Cheerleader
E4 Spec. Matasha McKinnon of Ohio, left, talks with former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Lt. (j.g.) Rachel Engler during Friday's dinner for wounded servicemembers at the Italian Embassy in Washington.

Rachel, Redskins Cheerleader
Sgt. 1st Class Antonio Giuliano of the U.S. Army Chorus, "Pershing's Own," serenades Lt. (j.g.) Rachel Engler and 1st Lt. Andrew Kinard at Friday's dinner for wounded servicemembers at the Italian Embassy in Washington.

From Stars & Stripes:
For Marine 1st Lt. Andrew Kinard, 24, and his date, Navy Lt. (Junior Grade) Rachel Engler, a nurse at Bethesda, the music and food underlined an evening already made perfect by the presence of … each other.

The young Naval Academy graduate (Class of 2005) from Spartanburg, S.C., lost both legs to a roadside bomb during a foot patrol in Rawah, in Anbar province in Iraq, on Oct. 29, 2006.

Engler, 23, who also danced as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader during the 2006-07 football season, said she fell for Kinard when she came into his room to care for him, with all his IV lines and a tracheotomy tube in his throat.

She was greeted by a feisty smart aleck who promptly began issuing orders for his care.

Read the whole article here.

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