Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Search for the Hottest Cheerleaders/Dancers in South Florida 

Posted by James at 12:41 PM ET

South Florida has a veritable plethora of Pro Cheerleaders and Sports Dance Teams. Radio Station 610 WIOD-AM has taken upon themselves to conduct an online poll looking for the hottest cheerleaders and dancers in among them. They've included representatives from the NBA Dance Champion Heat Dancers, the groundbreaking Mermaid Dancers, the always popular Dolphins Cheerleaders and the lovely Panthers Ice Dancers.

Allie, Florida Panthers Ice Dancers
Allie from the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

Susie, Miami Heat Dancers
Susie from the Miami Heat Dancers

Jivanta, Florida Marlins Mermaids
Jivanta from the Florida Marlins Mermaids

Maritza, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders
Maritza from the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

To see all the Cheerleaders and cast your vote go here.

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