Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jills at The Taste of Buffalo 

Posted by James at 7:25 AM ET

The latest from Phil and The Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:
The Taste of Buffalo is an annual event showcasing the foods of the Buffalo area as well as some of the musical acts that perform in Buffalo. Something that's not as well-advertised is that it's also an event to show off some of the new beauty that will be gracing the sidelines at Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall. On hand Sunday were Joy (one of a set of new twins we'll see this fall) handing out Bills calendars at the 97Rock booth, Stacy and Ayeshia at the Bills booth with Billy Buffalo, and Keshia at the Edge booth helping out with a game that people were playing in order to win t-shirts and other prizes.

Ayeshia, Billy Buffalo, and Stacy
Ayeshia, Billy Buffalo, and Stacy

Joy, Buffalo Jills

Keisha, Buffalo Jills

Stacy and Ayeshia, Buffalo Jills
Stacy and Ayeshia

What's up next for the Jills? Phil tells us some of the Jills will be at Mickey Rat's at Angola-On-The-Lake in early August and then comes the big event. The Jills Golf Tournament on August 13th.

For more info on the Jills Golf Tourney visit BuffaloJills.net.

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