Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eagles Cheerleaders Unveil 2007-08 Calendar 

Posted by James at 6:30 AM ET

Sasha and I were so busy covering the Clippers and the Sixers this week we forget to mention that the Eagles Cheerleaders unveiled their 2007-08 calendar Tuesday night.

Eagles Cheerleader Calendar
Gracing the cover of the new calendar are previous calendar cover models:
Christina Fuller (2002), Brianne Salzano (2003), Theresa Vitelli (2004), Adrienne Hartman (2005) and current cheerleader Lora (2006).

And to coincide with the release of the calendar, the Eagles re-designed their Cheerleader section and posted new photos and bios of the 2007-08 squad.

Here's a great shot of 4-year veteran Lora:

Lora, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
The DeSales University grad and Sales Coordinator has the most dazzling smile.

More Lora here, here and here.

Watch highlights of the calendar unveiling here.

Buy the calendar here.

See the 2007-08 squad here.

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