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DBC Blog - 2007 Calendar Shoot in Cozumel 

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My name is Teresa Shear and I am the Director of Cheerleaders and Game Day Entertainment for the Broncos. I will have a regular blog here on DenverBroncos.com and I thought the best way to start my entries would be with our 2008 Calendar Shoot in Cozumel, Mexico!

We arrived last Saturday compliments of FunJet Vacations and are enjoying our accommodations here on the island at the Iberostar Resort. It is beautiful here and so far the weather has been perfect. A little hot, but perfect for photo purposes.

As soon as we arrived, we decided to shoot a sunset shot with Bri Bateman. You never know when you are going to get the perfect sunset, so we didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity. There were some clouds the first night and we had a very short window to get the perfect shot. We did get some great photos, but decided to repeat the same shot on Day 2.

Day 2 started with Keela Harris at the Hacienda Monte Cristo. Keela has been on our team for four years and is one of our leaders. She is beautiful and looked fabulous in both suits we tried on her.

Our second shot on Day 2 featured Candice Jones, one of our Captains. She models part time and knows exactly how to pose in front of a camera. It was an easy, quick shoot and then we were back off to the beach to try to nail down the perfect sunset.

Day 3 was busy. Three more shots to do. We started in our hotel lobby with Serita Archuleta in a very high fashion red suit. We tried to add in one of the hotel parrots. Of course, I wanted the red parrot and he was the difficult one. He made so much noise and tried to bite everyone that tried to move him, so we added in the green parrot – Pepe – at the end of the shoot. It never fails, we always try to add in an animal and they never seem to want to cooperate! Pepe did get comfortable and took some good shots. We will see if he makes the calendar!

Next we traveled to Playa Chen Rio to photograph Erica Weston and Sara Lockhart. These two girls could be twins, they look so much alike. The surf at this beach is beautiful. Lots of cool rocks and the waves are turquoise when they crash into the beach. The only challenge was the wind! It was blowing hard and wind and hair don’t mix too well. We had both of the girls get completely wet and strategically wet down their hair so it didn’t look matted, like most of us look when we get out of the water. I love their photo. I think it will be one of my favorites in the calendar this year.

Next we traveled about ½ mile down the beach to set up for Sarah Culter’s shot. Sarah has been on our team for five years and is one of our captains. She has also been voted our TEAM CLOWN for four years running. In addition to being a ham, she also is extremely photogenic. She has this amazing smile that just lights up a picture. Again, wind was the issue. We had to change her position many times just to get the wind to blow her hair out of her face. It was beautiful, difficult, but beautiful.

So, now I have caught you up to Day 4 and will write more in a few days. I do have to say that this is one of the best parts of my job. It is a lot of work, more than most people know, but traveling to Mexico with our Cheerleaders is always fun. They are always the life of the party, make friends everywhere we go and are always trying to convert everyone they meet into Broncos fans.


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