Thursday, July 12, 2007

Celtics Dancers - Haley's Audition Blog 2 

Posted by Sasha at 5:31 PM ET

Boston Celtics

July 12 - The Final Countdown...

The choreography has been learned, the music and lighting have been set, the costumes have been bedazzled, and we dancers are ready to show the world (or Boston...) what we've got. It is T-minus two hours until we have to report back to Avalon in preparation for tonight's final show. And in about six hours the Celtics will have their 2007-2008 Dancers.

Today, the third and final day of audition workshops, we ran the entire show in full costume for the first time. From what I could see while running around backstage, it looks phenomenal. I am so excited for family, friends, and other attendees to see what is in store for them when the curtain goes up tonight.

After today, I have to extend gratitude to the makers of two products: muscle rub and double-stick tape. My body could not have made it through the dress rehearsal if it had not been soothed by the cooling effect of my Bengay and because of double-stick tape I has able to keep my lacey pink top from drifting too far down and my black swimsuit bottoms from hiking too far up. Thanks for helping a girl out.

Ok folks, show time. To all of the finalists: Good luck. No matter what happens tonight, we all have something to be proud of for the hard work we put in over the past couple of days. To all of you bloggers: if you see a girl in big hair rollers riding the T in the next hour, wish her luck. It's probably me.

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