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Beyond the pom-poms: Laura 

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May 21, 2007

1. What are you doing now?
I teach eighth-grade math in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. I am also working on my graduate degree in school administration and am looking forward to moving into that realm of education soon. I also got married in the fall, and my husband and I just moved into our new home. It's very exciting!

2. What was your most memorable moment as a TopCat?
There are so many memorable moments, so it is difficult to pick just one! I would have to say two were cheering at the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl in Hawaii. They were the most incredible experiences. I look back now and realize how blessed I really was to be a part of such a great program.

3. Do people still give you that "I know her from somewhere" look?
Occasionally, I'll get a look but mostly I am not recognized. Sometimes people at games look at me funny when I am walking through the concourse. I guess they are trying to figure out where they have seen me before.

4. What do you miss the most from your TopCats experience?
I definitely miss all of my buddies that I cheered with the most. We had such great friendships with one another and we really put everything we had into our work. I miss performing as well. When we ran out to do player intros, the music pumped and the stadium roared...that was pretty awesome.

5. During Super Bowl XXXVIII, I was...
On the field! And I was in complete awe of what was happening around me. Seeing all of the famous people in the stands and watching my favorite team play in the Super Bowl was indescribable. It was so surreal!

6. When at games now, who do you watch more, the players or the TopCats?
I definitely watch both! I am a huge Panthers fan so I don't miss a play, but I do watch the TopCats every time they perform. They are so fun to watch!

7. If I could give a current TopCat advice, it would be to...
Live every moment on the field to the fullest and never forget how lucky you are to be able to cheer for the best team in the NFL!

8. How many games do you go to or watch on TV?
After I retired from the TopCats, my husband and I bought our very own PSL's, so we don't miss home games! We love to tailgate with friends and watch the games at Bank of America Stadium live! I don't miss any away games either. I camp out in front of the TV every Sunday during the season pretty much all day long!

9. How has your experience with the TopCats benefited you today?
I have so many good friends that I still keep in touch with. I am a more confident and strong person. It was the best five years of my life!

10. What do you miss the most about the TopCats?
I miss it all. I even miss the Saturday practices out on the Astroturf field! The Panthers organization is like a great big family. I had the opportunity to do what I love for a team that I love with people I love. What could be better than that?

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