Sunday, July 22, 2007

3 NFL Teams, 5 Teams Overall 

Posted by James at 7:25 PM ET

Thanks to everybody who summited entries for our "Big Summer Contest." There's a lot of people who know a lot about pro cheerleading out there and we're glad you shared it with us.

Nobody came up with a Cheerleader who performed for 4 different NFL teams. I'm not really surprised. While I can't say conclusively no one has ever cheered for more than three teams, for now we'll say the record is three.

But we did find another cheerleader with 3 NFL teams.

Joining 3-teamers Anna and Sharica is current Cincinnati Ben-Gal Aisha.

Aisha, Cincinnati Ben-Gal
In addition to being a Ben-Gal, Aisha has also been an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

Aisha, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

Aisha, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

And it turns out Aisha has also been a member of 5 different squads, which is a new record.

Aisha, Atlanta Hawks Dancer
Aisha was a also a member of the Atlanta Hawks Dancers and the AHL Kentucky Thoroughblades.

If anyone has photos of Aisha with Kentucky, we'd appreciate it if you could pass them along.

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