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Sarah Coggin: Not A Girlie Girl 

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Sarah Coggin, Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader

Sarah Coggin has been dancing since she was three and performed all across the country up through high school. For four seasons she was an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader. After cheering, Sarah began pursuing modeling more aggressively and was the covermodel for the 2005 Hooters Swimsuit Calendar.

She's now the official spokesmodel for Happy-Hour.com and Valley Foods, while still keeping busy with modeling work, doing commercials, TV shows, and movies.

Last week Sarah took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions. She also sent us some extremely rare photos from her time cheering for the Cardinals.

Pro Cheerleader Blog: When you're not working, what do you do for fun or to relax?

Sarah Coggin: I love everything action sports! During the summer I love going to the lake by my house and going wakeboarding. There is no better way to have fun on a hot summer day in Arizona then to spend it at the lake. In the cooler months I love to go to the sand dunes. We camp out there and play with all of our sand toys. (ATVs, dirtbikes, pre-runner trucks, sand rails) But other than that, I mostly hang out at my house and play with my dog.

PCB: You've appeared on the David Letterman show, how cool was that?

SC: The David Letterman Show so was very exciting! It was weird to be on the set of something that I had seen on TV for years. I met the other guests back stage which included George Clooney (very handsome by the way) and Merle Haggard. It was interesting to be down in the green room knowing that that room was where all the guests wait to go on the show. I also got to sit in Dave's desk during rehearsal. That was a fun little rush!

PCB: Are you really a web designer? You designed your own site and those of your friends?

SC: Yep! I've been doing web design for about 6 years now. I think it is great way to be creative and artistic and I really enjoying making people, places and ideas come to life through web design.

Sarah Coggin, Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader
Sarah was an Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader from 1998 to 2002. Photo by Merv Mann.

PCB: You visited the troops overseas, including Afghanistan, as part of Operation "Let Freedom Wing" and the Cardinals Cheerleaders Show Team, what was the most memorable moment from those trips?

SC: I only traveled nationally with the Cardinals Show Team. I went overseas with Hooters. But all of my experiences with performing for our armed forces were so rewarding! We were there to show our thanks and support for them, but they kept telling us "thank you!". And we were like, "no..thank YOU!" I think the moments that stand out the most were when the singing group "UC3" that we were traveling with sang the national anthem while we were all on stage together. They had the most beautiful version of it that I have ever heard to this day. Every time they sang it the soldiers would stand and salute and I would get the biggest goose bumps and tear up every single time because it was just such a moment ya know? Awesome!

PCB: You're appearing in the CW's Hidden Palms this Wednesday. What can you tell us about the role you play?

SC: I play a sports therapist named Cindy who gets hit on by one of the
main character's mother's boyfriend. He is kind of a shady boyfriend and the son catches him hitting on me at the country club when his mom isn't
around. It's a small little part, but it was very fun to be involved with the show.

PCB: You've shot a commercial with Dick Vitale, what was that like?

SC: That was a lot of fun. He is so animated. Every time he delivered his lines he gave it his all. It was neat watching such a professional work. I also shot a commercial with Brooke Burke who is like my idol. She was the nicest thing ever. She hung out on the set with us like she was one of the girls. And it was a real pleasure getting to see her work. I really learned a lot just from watching her.

Sarah Coggin, Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader
Another hard-to-find photo of Sarah cheering for the Cards. Photo by Merv Mann

PCB: Any future plans you can let us in on?

SC: Well let's see.. out of 75,000 girls that applied, I have been invited to join the Redbull Formula Una Team at the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis later this month. Ten girls from around the country got picked and we are the special guests at the race and events surrounding the race. One girl gets picked to join the international team and travel all around the world with Red Bull. So wish me luck!

PCB: What's one thing you'd like our readers to know about Sarah Coggin?

SC: People always tell me that I am not what they expected I would be like once they got to know me. So I guess I want people to know that I am very down to earth. I work hard to play hard. And I play hard! I wakeboard, surf, and ride in the dunes better some of the boys I ride with and that's always fun to surprise them in that way. Most people think I'm a girlie girl that doesn't want to get my hair wet or get dirty. But that's the fun stuff in life ya know? Get your hair wet!! Get Dirty!! Have fun!!

Sarah Coggin, Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader
Photo by Merv Mann

Sarah on the web at SarahCoggin.com and MySpace.com.

Sarah's Hidden Palms episode airs on The CW Wednesday, June 13th with an encore presentation Sunday, June 17th. Check our local listings for times and stations.

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