Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Renee Herlocker is the Formula Una USA 

Posted by James at 4:16 PM ET

Former Denver Broncos Cheerleader Renee Herlocker represented the Red Bull Formula Unas at the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis from June 14-17. Out of the ten girls she was chosen to be the Formula Una USA. Renee will be traveling to Brazil for their Grand Prix in October.

Renee Herlocker

The text reads:
Every other working day of the year Renee presents sports programmes on TV stations in her home town of Denver, Colorado. But for the last four days she's been representing the States as an Una. How did she find the whole F1/Red Bull experience?

"It was rad. one amazing experience. The people at Formula one and Red Bull have been really cool"

And the racing?

"I've been to Champ Car races in Denver, but this was my first time at Formula One. The cars are so technically detailed and intricate. I'm definitely going to be watching from now on."

Following tonight's Red Bull celebrations, the next time we'll see the 26 year-old Renee is in Sao Paulo. Which can't come soon enough for the engineers who took a great deal of keen interest (and several pictures on their phones) during Renee's photo shoot.

You can see the Grand Prix program featuring Renee here. (Adobe Reader req.)

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