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P.R.O. Convention: What is New with the Vikings Cheerleaders 

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4th Annual Pro Convention

The first thing I learned from Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Head Coach and Coordinator Tami Krause, was that I've been pronouncing her name incorrectly all these years. The "e" is not silent. (How embarrassing!).

But on to some good stuff. Tami was a Dance Major at the University of Minnesota. She met her husband while they were both cheering for the Vikings. She was on the dance team and he was on the stunt squad. In fact he was a professional cheerleader longer than she was, his three years to her one.

Tami Krause, MVC Director
Tami Krause at work.

4th Annual Pro Convention

Lots of big plans for the MVC season. We'll be seeing a new Vikings Cheerleaders Uniform. Tami has started a Jr. All-Stars Program. Forty Vikings Cheerleaders Alumni have come together to form the "A-Team" and will be performing at the Metrodome. And if that's not enough Tami promises us the 2008 Vikings Cheerleader Calendar is like nothing we've ever seen before.

Theresa, Assistant Coach
Theresa Baugus wasn't ready to completely walk away from pro cheerleading after representing her squad at the 2006 Pro Bowl. She's now in her second year as an MVC Assistant Head Coach.

4th Annual Pro Convention

The Vikings Cheerleaders are equally split between 17 vets and 17 rookies this season.

4th Annual Pro Convention

4th Annual Pro Convention
Six-year veteran and third-year captain Laura. As a captain Laura's responsibilities range from being in charge of what dances are performed on the field, to being a role model for all the ladies on her line.

4th Annual Pro Convention
The University of Minnesota grad tells us she's traveled with squad mates to military bases in Colorado and Texas to meet and perform for the troops. But the most amazing trip she's been on was to Germany last year. Cheerleaders from different teams performed to songs by The Beach Boys. The troops who were thrilled to have this little piece of America while overseas. And what's more American than The Beach Boys and Cheerleaders?

Online home of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders here.

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