Monday, June 18, 2007

P.R.O. Convention: Q &A with TopCat Kelly 

Posted by James at 11:37 PM ET

Carolina TopCat Kelly
Kelly, a five-year veteran of the Carolina TopCats, took a couple of minutes out of the day to chat with us.

Pro Cheerleader Blog: You are a TopCat Captain?

TopCat Kelly: I am a Captain again this year.

PCB: What additional responsibilities come with being a Captain?

TCK: I think the most important responsibility is to be a motivator. I always tell my line I am their biggest cheerleader. So I am there to help them with any questions that they have and just to make sure that they are staying positive and uplifted. And to make sure that they know their material and they feel confident and comfortable every time they walk into that locker room or out on to the field.

PCB: What do you do for a living?

TCK: I am an event planner. So I have a fun job. I get to play with brides all day.

PCB: So you were a Pro Bowl Cheerleader?

TCK: Yes, I was at the Pro Bowl last year.

PCB: But you were also at the Super Bowl?

TCK: Yes, I went to the Super Bowl (XXXVIII in Houston -james) my rookie year.

PCB: So, which was better?

TCK: They were totally different. The Super Bowl was an amazing experience because I was there with my team. We had the best time and we got to experience a lot of things that most people will never get to take part, I mean we got to be on the field during the game.

Now the Pro Bowl was amazing because I got to meet 24 women from different teams all over the country, and to see they are just like me. They are incredible women who have amazing lives outside cheerleading I made some wonderful friends, some of who are here this weekend, and we keep in touch everyday over e-mail. It was really an incredible experience.

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