Sunday, June 17, 2007

P.R.O. Convention Saturday - No Off Season 

Posted by James at 12:44 AM ET

Titans Cheerleaders
Titans Cheerleaders Kerry and Julia. Kerry is a former Music City Kitten and Julia is a current Music City Kitten. (The Music City Kittens are the dance team for the AFL Nashville Kats.)

Kerry is in her fourth season with the Titans Cheerleaders. She's the Regional Sales Manager for Universal Cheerleaders Association, part of Varsity Brands Inc., so Cheerleading is both her job and her hobby. Kerry tells us the best part of being a Titans Cheerleaders is game day without a doubt. She lives for football and lives to be on the field.

Julia is in her second season with the Titans Cheerleaders and is finishing up her rookie season with the Music City Kittens. She's a graduate of the University of Alabama and works as a recruiter for a senior living facility.

Since the AFL and NFL are opposite each other on the calendar, there really is no off season for those who dance for both the Titans and Kats. The Kats still have one remaining home game, and we're already well into Titans rehearsals.

Julia and the rest of the Cheerleaders who cheer for both the Titans and the Kats, face some extra challenges. In addition to the extra time required to attend both Titans and Kittens rehearsals, these ladies have a whole extra set of routines they have to remember and keep separate from each other.

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