Friday, June 22, 2007

Moving Experience 

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Rocky Mountain News
Fort Collins resident Sara Von Gillern is busting some serious moves on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. The Rocky's Erika Gonzalez talked to the 23-year-old break dancer (and former member of the Denver Nuggets hip-hop dance team) about her experience on the show so far.

Question: Do you think your hip-hop background might limit your ability to perform other dance styles?

Answer: Actually, it's funny - although they've been calling me the B-girl, it's the most recent dance style I've picked up. I've been dancing in modern, jazz and tap since I was a little kid. One thing I haven't done is partnering, so the ballroom styles are something I'm a little more nervous about. But all the guys in the competition are amazing.

Q: How did you get into break dancing while living in Fort Collins? It's not exactly known as a hip-hop mecca.

A: No, not at all. I was in a dance program at CSU and a few girls picked up that I was more a hip-hop girl and they knew a great place in Boulder that specialized in hip-hop styles. That's where I met my first break-dancing mentor. Then, there was an event called Elemental Flavors (in Denver) and that's where I first saw B-girls - really sick B-girls, who had come out from Seattle, Japan, all over the world. That's when I just fell in love.

Sara, So You Think You Can Dance

Q: What's a typical day like for you?

A: Every day we're dancing. There's not really a day off. You have rehearsal with a choreographer, and then you want to work with your partner even more. Everyone here is an amazing dancer, but we're also being pulled out of our comfort zones by doing different styles, and you really have to adapt to that choreography. You're constantly practicing. It's mentally and physically exhausting.

Q: Who's the toughest judge?

A: The hardest has to be Mia (Michaels). When all the other judges were saying, "Yes, you've made it through," she was saying no, or when they said no, she said yes. She's looking for something different. She's the only one who gave me a no throughout the whole Vegas process. So for me, she's the one to impress.

Q: Do you have any killer move to wipe out the competition?

A: Because I am the only B-girl, I will be breaking. There are a lot of contemporary girls here, so they'll be doing pirouettes and extensions and I'll be getting down and dirty on the floor.

Q: Who's your dream partner?

A: "I'm going to have to say my boyfriend, who is also a breaker. He inspires me so much."

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