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Medallions Signify Commitment 

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June 13, 2007

Recently, the Oakland Raiderettes participated in their annual medallion ceremony at the Raiders facility in Alameda, Calif. The official Raiderette medallion is a Raider shield charm worn by all Raiderettes during their year as members of this elite cheerleading squad.

The medallion ceremony began with opening remarks from Raiderette Director Karen Kovac on the importance of the ceremony as well as the ownership of such a historical and consequential piece of jewelry. Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask welcomed the group as well and thanked the Raiderettes for being ambassadors of the Oakland Raiders in the community. The Raiderettes were then treated to a video montage about Raiders history.

The evening then proceeded to the presentation of the medallions. Each returning Raiderette was previously paired up with a rookie Raiderette to form a big sister / little sister bond. The Big Sister / Little Sister program provides the Raiderettes with an opportunity to give each other encouragement and advice throughout the season. Each big sister placed the medallion on her little sister and vice versa during the ceremony.

Veteran Raiderette Erica A. and rookie Raiderette Kathleen are each other’s big and little sister. The most important thing for Erica is to guide Kathleen and always there for her to answer any questions she might have. “I am very proud of my little sister and excited for her, she inspires me when she dances. This is a very symbolic time for the Raiderettes,” said Erica. In response to Erica’s words, Kathleen said, “Everything is making such a big difference to me and we are proud of each other.”

The medallion means more than just a necklace because it represents the Raiderettes entree and official welcome to their sisterhood as well as an indicator of their ongoing pledge to the Raiders’ Commitment to Excellence. Veteran Raiderette Lori commented about what the medallion means to her, “That got me thinking of the medallions I wore when I represented the Raiders in Afghanistan, Korea and Japan and the one of my rookie season. Every medallion has different memories just like every year does.”

During the event each Raiderette, both returning and rookie, also took part in a rose ceremony. Roses were chosen to compare the uniqueness of flowers to the uniqueness of the Raiderettes on the squad to ultimately form a team and a beautiful bouquet.

Kovac decided to tie the medallion and rose ceremonies into the event to reinforce the unity of the Raiderette squad. When asked about the rose ceremony, Kovac replied, “Starting with an individual rose forming a bouquet really symbolizes how you come together as a team from to the audition process to the training process where we are now. The Raiderettes need to look out for each other’s best interests.”

Talent, dedication and poise are the reasons why the Raiderettes are known throughout the National Football League as Football’s Fabulous Females. But there is more to a Raiderette than these character traits. What makes up these great role models is their commitment to one another and their true bonds of sisterhood.

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