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Countdown to PRO: 15 Days 

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As the P.R.O. Convention approaches, here's the latest in our series of instructor profiles.

Teaching the world to dance...
one star at a time!

Choreography- literally "dance-writing" is the art of making structures in which movement occurs.

It's never been a secret...Alto Gary knows how to move in many different ways.
Whether it's creating a dance piece that energizes a crowd of thousands, or spotting incredible new talent, or helping corporations reach desired demographics through marketing and image assistance, or perhaps it's performing in HBO Films and in Super Bowl Halftime shows, it's obvious...this woman is great on her feet!

Using her great eye for talent, Alto was keen enough to spot the talent of Stacy Keibler and hire her to be a Nitro Girl in 1999.

Keibler performed as Skye and was later able to parlay the opportunity that she was given into the role of "Miss Hancock" and recently onto continued exposure on ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

Obviously blessed with ability to recognize talent, potential, beauty and ability, Alto is also responsible for bringing Diane and Elaine (aka the Coors Light Twins) to the attention of the world thru WCW.

Her energy, creativity and true love of the art of dance have allowed her to perform and to design performances on stages all over the world.

"I learned at an early age, if you want something...if you desire an outcome in a situation, you need to act. You need to make it happen, so that's my motto for life on and off the field."

At a young age she became a member of the Raleigh Civic Ballet Company.

"Sometimes when you're performing, you have less than a split second to make a decision that could wreck your show or save the day."

With continued support from her parents, she followed her dream of motion through many school and community performances and organizations, all the way to East Carolina University. It was there that she transitioned gracefully from not only performer but to the top coach/choreographer position for the University's Pure Gold dance team.

Her pursuits in the study of modern and jazz dance at the university level helped her lead the Pure Gold Dancers to ESPN'S National College Dance Team Championship. Becoming one of Universal Dance Association's head choreographers helped spread her routines to countless college basketball games and to many diverse events including the Jerry Lewis Telethon, the NCAA All-Star Game, the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, the NBA Supershow, London's New Year's Eve Parade and many more.

Immediately after graduating from ECU, Alto became a dancer for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks. In a rare case of continuing success in the often volatile entertainment industry, she also went on to become one of their top choreographers! After working with the Hawks, she went on to coach and choreograph many professional dance teams including the Charlotte Hornets Honeybees and the World Championship Wrestling Nitro Girls.

Working as a multi-faceted choreographer and designer, Alto has shared her talents with Paramount and Everlast Apparel.

In her current position, Alto is truly one of the NFL's best!

While many teams hire two or three people to fulfill such a position, Alto is a one woman show at the Houston Texans! She serves as choreographer, coordinator, and recruiter for the best cheerleaders in the league: the Houston Texans Cheerleaders.

With fierce determination, Alto continues to "make it happen" by carefully constructing her movements in the many different stages and arenas.... of life.

By Jonathan Champion, All-Pro3, Inc.

All about the Houston Texans Cheerleaders here.

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