Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheerleaders Perform Again at Fleet Week 

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By Tequia
June 12, 2007

It was 6 a.m. on the morning of Friday, May 25, as we loaded our carpools destined for the Big Apple! Of course, I can't say we were too "bright eyed" that Friday morning, but we were definitely looking forward to an exciting trip.

For most of us, this was our first Fleet Week and it was an amazing experience!

After a few hours of bonding time and a few wrong turns, we arrived in New York City. We jetted to our room at the Sheraton Manhattan--right down the street from Times Square! We rushed to get our hair and makeup perfect, squeezing around each other fixing curls and blushing cheeks.

Soon we were ready to head off to visit the Navy ships. Half of us went to meet and greet with sailors stationed at Staten Island, while the rest of us headed to tour the USS Wasp at the pier in Manhattan.

We had a great time on the USS Wasp! We were able to show that we can get tough as Michelle tried on a Fire-Fighting Suit. It looked hilarious because it was so big on her!

They also showed us their weaponry (which we had a lot of questions about) and the infirmary.

Later, we took photos with soldiers in front of aircrafts on the ship and in the mess hall, and then we signed some autographs.

The soldiers didn't know that it was MUCH more a pleasure for us to be pictured with our nation's heroes than it was for them to be photographed with us!

We departed the ship and bid farewell to the sailors, then wewe grabbed a bite to eat and began preparations for our performance on Friday night at Webster Hall.

At the Navy Appreciation Party, we performed the "Rock" routine, always a crowd favorite, and of course we closed with our "Proud to Be an American" tribute. Abby was able to get some sailors to dance on the stage.

We returned home the next afternoon anxiously waiting Fleet Week 2008!

Many thanks to Skechers shoes for sponsoring our trip and for their continuous support of our troops! Visit their web site at www.skechers.com.

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