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Cheerleaders give Pro Bowl effort in Country Music City Marathon 

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Russell Ross
Titans Online

NASHVILLE, TN, May 9, 2007 — Vince Young’s dashing running ability, along with his stellar athleticism, secured him a spot in the 2007 Pro Bowl. Yet, the NFL’s rookie of the year was not the only Titan at the annual NFL’s all-star game with spectacular running skill. Three Titans Cheerleaders, two of whom have represented the team at the Pro Bowl, illustrated their athleticism at the annual 2007 Country Music City Marathon.

Kerry, Jen, and Tracy endured the arduous ½ marathon tour of Nashville. As many Titans Cheerleader fans recall, both Jen and Kerry were honored with the opportunity to represent the Titans at the annual NFL Pro-Bowl in Hawaii. Jen represented the squad this past season in 2007, and Kerry represented at the preceding 2006 Pro Bowl.

Both Jen and Kerry met up at the early daybreak hour of 5 a.m. at the very location in which they cheer the team, LP field. The Titans home stadium served as a fitting spot for the two former Titans Pro Bowl representatives to rendezvous as it was the very location in which both cheered on the athleticism of the team. As the all-star team that they were, they endured the entire experience together from start to finish.

Kerry had long since desired to overcome the ½ marathon’s difficult course offerings as it was on her “to-do list” for a few years. In November, she officially decided to engage the difficult lengthy track, thus beginning the training process. She would run outside when the weather was nice, but would resort to the treadmill in the winter months when the climate would not cooperate. By February, she started training mainly outside as Mother Nature finally decided to bless Nashville with decent weather.

Additionally, Kerry’s training consisted of many practice runs. She signed up for various runs such as 5K, 10K, and 5 mile runs in order to prepare for what would be the arduous Country Music City ½ marathon. Yet, prior to race day, she never was able to run the entire 13.1 miles, seeing that she kept maxing out at the 11-mile mark. However, all throughout her training, she was determined and excited about the possibility of actually finishing the entire marathon. In the back of her mind, she was reminded of a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Initially, Kerry knew she could count on her training, adrenaline, and prayer to help her make it all the way through to the end of the race. Moreover, Kerry offered that she had to give credit to her IPOD.

“I have to give credit to my IPOD for getting me through,” she said. “I created a ‘marathon mix’ for the day that included my favorite inspirational tunes! It was a mix of hip hop, Dave Matthews, Top 20, and some old school songs that really pump me up including ‘Push It' by Salt n' Pepa, ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leopard and ‘Don't Stop Believing’ by Journey!! I loved it!”

Yet, the inspiration of her own Titans Cheerleader teammates served to motivate her all throughout the marathon. As both Jen and Kerry met up prior to the beginning of the race, both of them looked at each other right before the start of the marathon and said, “We’re Pro Bowlers baby — we can do this!”

As crowds cheered them on over bands that were playing their music along the track’s sideline, both teammates were side by side and there for each other through each mile of the race. Accordingly, they crossed the race together.

Kerry recalls, “Jen is a wonderful teammate, and I was happy to cross the finish with her.”

Kerry, Jen, and Tracy’s endurance at the Country Music Marathon illustrates the cheerleading squad’s ability to overcome adversity with teamwork and determination. It seems as if the players whom the ladies cheer are not the only athletes at LP Field.

Congratulations to all the Titans cheerleaders who finished the Country Music City Marathon!

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