Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Posted by Sasha at 6:47 PM ET

Current Happenings With the Cheerleaders

Whew! Have we been busy!!

I just spent the majority of my evening going though dance routines from our training camp several weeks ago. We learned a lot of material- 13 different dances in one weekend! We put them all on a DVD and must have a couple of them ready for practice. Tomorrow we’ll be practicing “Move” and I needed to review some of the choreography, as well as review all the old material we went over the past couple of weeks.

Last weekend was Fan Fair. All the cheerleaders, players, coaches, and alumni made appearances at INVESCO Field to meet the fans. I love Fan Fair, but unfortunately there was not enough time to meet everyone we wanted to meet. This is such a great opportunity to interact with the fans and I was thankful I was able to talk to as many as I did. We performed two dances each day — Summer Love and China Grove. They were a lot of fun and it’s always good practice to get out on the field to dance before the season starts up.

The following day, many of the girls volunteered at Mike Shanahan’s golf tournament. Mike Shanahan puts on a golf tournament every year and the money raised goes to charity. This year, the money went to the Darrent Williams Memorial Teen Center. The group of guys I rode around with that day included Rod Smith and Keith Burns. They are both outstanding guys and it was good to spend some time with them and get to know them a little, as I had never met either in the past.

And finally, I worked a promotion at INVESCO Field for a global financial organization with nine other cheerleaders. They were having a conference in Denver and people from 60 different countries showed up. Approximately 4,000 - 5,000 people were in attendance and we took pictures with many of the guests and performed a few routines on the field. I met people from all over the world — Thailand, Japan, India, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Taiwan, Jamaica, Canada — you name it.

We’ve got our calendar shoot and head shots coming up in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on how they go!

~Laura Sobon

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