Friday, May 18, 2007

Which is Your Favorite Redskins Cheerleader Uniform? 

Posted by James at 10:46 PM ET

I got a group photo of the 2007-08 Redskins Cheerleaders in my e-mail:

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

The Cheerleaders are wearing their "white" uniforms, that I believe were just practice uniforms at first. But we have been seeing them more and more often. It seems to pretty popular with the Redskins fans, based on the comments I've heard at various appearances.

But what do you, our loyal readers, think? We're going to try something new here and have our first blog poll.

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
#1. First we have Anabel and Jamilla in the 2006 "traditional" uniform

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
#2. Here's Barbra in the "white" uniform.

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
#3. And finally, Kimberly at the Pro Bowl with the new top for 2007.

Which is your favorite Redskins Cheerleader uniform?
#1 2006 Burgundy Top
#2 All White
#3 2007 Burgundy Top
Can't make up my mind
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