Friday, May 18, 2007

Susana Cracks the Whip 

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Here's the latest Jim Beam NRL Cheerleader of the Week from FoxSorts.au
So to our cheergirl of the week for 10, 27-year-old Susana, who is cracking the whip for North Queensland Cowboys in 2007. Yee-har. Oh, and she likes big butts, too ... just read on for more.

What made you want to be a cheerleader?

I love to perform; to be given the opportunity to do what I love to such a spectacular audience is not only soul satisfying but addictive . . . that’s why I’ve been doing it for seven years.

What's the song that always makes you get up and dance?

I have three: Take On Me, by A-ha, I Like Big Butts, by Sir Mix-A-Lot, and Senorita by Justin Timberlake. They always have me on the dance floor.

If you could star in a Hollywood movie opposite anyone, who would it be?
Absolutely, Mark Wahlberg. He is an awesome actor and is seriously sexy. I love his movies and would love to star opposite him.

Susan, North Queensland Cowboys Hot Squad

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?
This is going to sound completely lame, but for someone who keeps to the straight and narrow . . . I cut the line going into Justin Timberlake’s concert in Brisbane. It was a couple of hundred people mind you, and I consider that an achievement as I was scared. I told you it was lame.

Do you have a routine before the game?
I get a spray-tan a couple of days before (who has time to go to the beach these days?), do my hair and make-up before leaving for the stadium, rehearsal on the field, promotional duties with avid fans, costume organisation and last-minute rehearsals and nerves before I hit the field.

Who is your favourite football player and why?
I like Carl Webb because he seems to always fire up the boys, but I’d have to say Johnathan Thurston. He is so talented, sets such high standards for himself, and he’s the captain of the Cowboys.

What's your most embarrassing moment?
Ripping my pants open at training, doing a move we call a "straddle jump". Note for next training session: wear Lycra.

Susan, North Queensland Cowboys Hot Squad

Online home of the North Queensland Cowboys Hot Squad here.

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