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Rich Talent Pool 

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By Elena Valenzuela
April 25, 2007
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Preparing for the unknown is a difficult task that needs to be undertaken with courage and confidence. There were many young women who faced such tasks this past Sunday at the 2007 Raiderette Finals and conquered it successfully. They now have the right to call themselves Raiderettes and are about to embark on a journey of amazing experiences. The chosen rookies and veterans complete a beautiful and talented squad of 40 distinguished members of Football's Fabulous Females, who will cheer on the Raiders in full force all season long.

Sara auditioned for the first time and had the honor of being selected to the squad. Her experience during the audition process was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, but in the end, she felt rewarded. “I got up at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and had a lot fun in the final audition. I am just excited to be part of the organization since my family members are die-hard Raider fans,” said Sara.

The chosen candidates went through a long day that involved individual interviews and a dance competition. The interviews helped the judges interact with the candidates and the dance routines showed their energy. Raiderettes serve as ambassadors of The Oakland Raiders on and off the field and for that reason judges look for outstanding interpersonal skills.

Kathleen is from Colorado and currently attends St. Mary’s College in Moraga. She was also auditioning for the first time because she was impressed with the Raiderettes during game day. Kathleen is now a rookie Raiderette and her excitement is beyond limits. “The audition was quite an experience. I went to all the clinics and met some girls that are on the team. I have been preparing since last year and I wanted to showcase what is unique about me and what I can bring to the Raiders organization,” said Kathleen.

Preparing for the audition is crucial and the extent of hard work shows through during the candidates’ moments in the spotlight. Once the judges made their final decision and the squad was announced, the new 2007 Raiderettes were ready to bond and form a sisterhood. The Raiderette program encourages veterans to help the rookies by assigning them to be their “big sisters.”

After three years on the squad and going into her fourth, Raiderette Erica A., is pleased to be back. She advised the rookies to talk to their “big sisters” and enjoy the program because being a Raiderette changes your life tremendously. “When I made it four years ago, I was truly happy and I knew my life would change but I never imagined how much it would change,” said Erica.

Rookies have an exciting year in store, and with the valuable advice of the veterans, they will know how to treasure the experiences of a being a Raiderette. Together, rookies and veterans have the honor from now on to be considered Football’s Fabulous Females.

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