Monday, May 28, 2007

Rams’ Cheerleading Open Auditions are a First and a Success 

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Sunday, May 6, 2007
By Aaron Eidson
Special to StLouisRams.com

For the first time since the Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995, the cheerleading auditions were not a closed-door event. In fact, they were anything but closed-door as they featured two panels of judges, hundreds of fans watching and three cameras set up to record and display the cheerleading hopefuls’ every move on two big projection screen TVs.

The open-door audition definitely created a high pressure atmosphere for the ladies trying out but it also added to the excitement of the event, as well.

“I think it was exciting to have the general public be a part of the annual audition process and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the judges and participants,” Theresa Mancini, Rams Entertainment Assistant/Cheerleader Coordinator, said. “I think there was added pressure for some of the ladies, but for those who are comfortable performing in front of a crowd, having family and friends there to support them was a positive experience.”

Rams 2007 Cheerleading Captain, Erin, believes not only was having the public there a positive experience for some, but crucial to the try-out process.

“It helped in taking away some of the tension of the auditions but also provided an important aspect of what is truly involved in the position of a Rams Cheerleader, the community,” Erin said.

Along with the community aspect of Rams cheerleading is the charity aspect which was not absent at this even either.

The Rams Cheerleaders hosted the Girl Scouts who were collecting supplies to be donated to women’s shelters throughout the St. Louis area as a part of their April Showers drive.

“We asked that the participants, staff and fans donate personal care items that will be distributed to women's shelters throughout the St. Louis area,” Mancini said. “This is another example of the cheerleaders' commitment to the community by always lending a helping hand whenever needed.”

In one year the auditions have transformed from somewhat of a mystery in the public eye into an event that fully embodies the spirit of the Rams Cheerleader.

Moving forward, both the Rams’ Entertainment department and Cheerleaders are eager to continue this event well into the future.

“Going forward, I would love to see the open auditions become a tradition in St. Louis,” Mancini said. “The cheerleaders' mission continues to be a focus on building a bond between the Rams Organization and the St. Louis Community and this is the perfect way to jumpstart that mission every year.”

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