Thursday, May 31, 2007

No Slackers in the Jungle...Let the Training Begin! 

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Summer Camp 2007
May 25 2007

The selection process is completed with the final tryouts held on Sunday, May 20th. Of the 53 final contestants, 30 ladies will receive their congratulation letters in the mail and our website has been updated with the photos of the newest members that make up the 2007-08 Ben-Gal Squad. The exciting news will be the topic of many cookouts over the Memorial Day weekend.

We will begin with a mandatory first meeting on Thursday, May 31st at Paul Brown Stadium. The Ben-Gal Coaches will welcome the new squad, make introductions, review an almost 1 inch thick book of rules as well as a rigorous and demanding practice schedule. We will later depart to one of the local spots to celebrate the occasion!

While all of the celebrating is going on, I will be thinking about summer camp and how we will train the returning veterans and new rookies for the next 8 weeks. That’s right, we have 8 weeks to get this new squad ready for its first performance held at the Georgetown Training Camp the first weekend in August. At week 10, these ladies will step onto the playing field of Paul Brown Stadium to cheer the Bengals on to victory against the Saints during a preseason game on August 18th.

The practice schedule is set and there is a lot of work ahead. Tuesday and Thursday evening practices will be held from 7pm to 9:30pm. Additional practices will be held Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. From June 1st until the last week of December, each girl cannot miss more than 4.5 practices for the season. Appearances and charity events must also be attended. Multiple photos sessions are required for marketing needs, the website and our most requested calendar. The time commitment is huge.

The veterans understand the demands of balancing a solid time management planner, the mental skill set needed to quickly learn and retain a lot of choreography thrown at them each practice and the determination and struggle to physically workout to get calendar body ready by July 1st. Returning veterans understand how challenging but most rewarding it is to reach their “Total Package”. Who will have their dances perfected, their glamour ready to shine and their six pack abs in 10 weeks?

The Ben-Gal Program and its Coaches are ready to get the show on the road. There are 30 team members, but only 24 of them will get to cheer each game. Who will those 24 members be on August 18th? That’s what summer camp is all about. Veterans will be working extra hard to earn their position with such a beautiful and talented group of rookies as part of the competition. The rookies don’t know what’s about to hit them yet. But that will soon change and they will need to learn to adapt quickly. It should be an exciting and hardworking upcoming 10 weeks. Welcome to the NFL Ladies!

Mary Daniels
Asst. Director
Cincinnati Ben-Gals

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