Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NLL Girl of the Week - Jessica 

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Hot Rocks member starting career as massage therapist

Jessica, who is in her third year with the Hot Rocks, returned to the team prior to 2007 after completing a rigorous education at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario. Jessica has previously retired from the squad following the 2003 season, when the Rock defeated the Rochester Knighthawks to claim the NLL Championship. After three seasons of intense study, Jessica graduated last year and re-joined the 12-member Hot Rocks.

"I missed the girls and the atmosphere at Air Canada Centre immensely," said Jessica. "It was very tough to do any extra-curricular activities because of my intense program, but I'm thrilled to be back."

Jessica's dance career started when she was only 3 years old, studying jazz, tap and ballet. Her mother owned and operated a dance school, so she pretty much lived and breathed dance growing up. Her passion led her to pursue a theater and dance major at George Brown College, but she made a decision shortly thereafter to pursue a career in massage therapy and left dance as a hobby.

"It just proves that although these girls go off and become professionals in the workplace, there's always time for fun," said Dance Team coordinator Tiffany Richardson. "It's great to see that the girls on the team work full-time jobs, and dance with us year after year simply because they love it."

Jessica's return to the team required an audition, but she wowed judges.

"She might be small in size, but she's a fireball and she's always making the girls laugh both on and off the field," said Richardson.

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