Sunday, May 13, 2007

NLL Girl of the Week - Jaclyn 

Posted by Sasha at 3:45 PM ET

19-year old Arizona State student performs for Sting & Coyotes

Jaclyn, who is in her first year as a member of the Arizona Sting dance squad, is a freshman at Arizona State University. The Cave Creek native is currently studying broadcasting and hopes to pursue a career as an on-air entertainment broadcaster for E! or MTV after she graduates. When she's not cheering for the Sting, Jaclyn is also a leader of the NHL's first on-ice dance team, the Phoenix Coyotes 'The Pack'.

"It's so exciting waiting in the tunnel to go out and perform in front of the crowd," said Jaclyn. "It's so much fun being a part of this organization, I can barely call what I do a job!"

A late walker, doctors told her mother to put her in an activity as soon as she started walking. Mom chose dance, and she's been moving and dancing ever since. A former captain of her high school pom squad, Jaclyn won the 4A Division State title and the UDA West coast Nationals.

Jaclyn and the Sting dance squad will be on hand on Saturday when the Sting host the San Jose Stealth in the West Divisional final at Jobing.com Arena.

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