Sunday, May 20, 2007

NLL Girl of the Week - Danielle 

Posted by Sasha at 6:30 PM ET

Third-year Bandette began choreographing dances this season

Danielle, who is in her third year as a Buffalo Bandette, loves to stay busy. If there happens to be a moment of downtime, then she'll try to fill it. She has a full-time job as a sales rep., spends time with her family, practices at least twice a week, and has even been working on a house that she just purchased with her husband. And for Danielle, trying out to become a Bandette was one of the best decisions that she ever made, as it has helped her in one significant way.

"The Bandettes have really given me a good idea of how to split up my time," says Danielle. "And how to prioritize things and just get everything in order in my life."

As if all of her activities didn't keep her occupied enough, Danielle has taken on even more responsibility by choreographing dances for the Bandettes this season. The Bandettes usually install two new dances for every home game, and Danielle has stepped up to the plate by designing several of them as of late.

Danielle has even been unafraid to step out of her comfort zone in the types of dances that she's created. For her, it's all about the final product.

"I like the element of seeing what's in your head and then seeing it on the field," says Danielle. "Because you have an image of what you think it is going to be in your head, and then when you actually get to watch the girls perform it on the field, it is like seeing a vision come true."

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