Thursday, May 17, 2007

MVC Journal - Selecting Team Captains 

Posted by Sasha at 7:21 PM ET

Author: Ashley
3rd-year veteran

The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) hold the tradition of having five team captains on our squad. These women have many additional responsibilities aside from being a member of the MVC. They will each lead one of our five small teams through each game and will help our group practice throughout the 2007 season. Our captains meet on a regular basis with our head coach, Tami Krause, outside of practice to discuss important team matters, how to improve our program and how to make us stronger as athletes.

This year, our captains were announced a little bit differently than in previous years. The potential candidates were to answer a series of questions and submit them to Tami, who would look over each girl's answers carefully to ensure that the right girls were chosen. Our year-end banquet in March was when our new captains were announced and we were so excited for them all. They are Laura (third-year captain), Pamela (first-year captain), Sarah (first-year captain), Kara (first-year captain), and Rachel (first-year captain).

Since this was the first year that captains were actually announced before the audition process, they were automatically granted a spot on the team. However, each of the women were still required to go through the entire audition process along with the rest of us. This consisted of attending the open audition process, coming to each of the training camp practices and working on the show with all of the MVC hopefuls, and also to participate in the final audition process at the Mall of America. I think that all of us who auditioned noticed that our captains worked extremely hard throughout the entire process and stood out as role models. We are so proud of them all and any one of us will be so grateful to be on any of their small teams.

Melissa has also been announced as our glamour captain for the 2007 season. This role is fairly new to our team and is also very important. The glamour captain is responsible for bringing extra poms to practices and games in the case of someone forgetting, helps Tami get important e-mails out for reminders regarding appearances, practices, and photo shoots, and so on. I am leaving a lot of her responsibilities out because there are so many. We are so proud of you Melissa, congratulations!

We will be finding out shortly whose small teams we will be on for the year and are so anxious. It is going to be a great year for the MVC, we are off to a great start!

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