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Luvabulls Blog - Robyn 

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Chicago Bulls
April 26, 2007

Hello Bulls fans! My name is Robyn and this is my rookie season with the Luvabulls. I am currently obtaining a BA in Visual Communications at the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago.

What an exciting year! I have just moved from San Diego to Chicago and this is my first year dancing for an NBA team. Like most of my teammates, I started dancing at a young age where I went on to high school and college dance and cheer teams. Before moving to Chicago, I danced with the San Diego Gulls Girls for fours years. The Gulls Girls were a semi-pro hockey dance team in San Diego. Hockey? Many have asked. Yes, hockey! We were the first team to dance directly on the ice without the aid of ice skates or a rug to dance on. We had special ice shoes that allowed us to leap and turn directly on the ice. Now, I have retired my ice shoes for the traditional dance shoes of the Chicago Luvabulls. The NBA! How exciting! From nerve racking auditions to our spectacular halftime shows, I have experienced a whirlwind of dance training, fast paced games, and traveling; all the special ingredients that make up the life of a Luvabull.

In March, The Luvabulls and Matadors were invited back to perform during the 2007 EuroCup All-Star Game! I was extremely ecstatic when Cathy, our director, invited me along with two other rookies and five veterans to travel to Greece and Cyprus. These traveling shows are not typically available for first year Luvabulls, so us rookies knew that we had to be at our best at all times. We felt extremely privileged to be chosen to represent the Luvabulls at the All-Star Game, but we knew we had much to rehearse and prepare for before we head out overseas. Two weeks prior to leaving, I planned out my schedule up to the minute I arrived at the international airport. I made sure I knew our routines, had the correct uniforms, and packed all the necessary items for this seven day trip. To my luck, this trip was scheduled the same week as my finals! As if I wasn’t stressed out enough, I happily finished my finals the week that we left! Thankfully, it did not affect my soaring GPA! I finally arrived at the Chicago International airport where from the second I stepped into the check-in area, I was representing the Chicago Luvabulls. All eyes were on us. Photos with local Chicagoans and autographs were requested.

After being inspected, scanned, and searched, we flew 22 hours to Athens, Greece. Right when we thought our tiring journey was over, we were driven five more hours north to Larissa, Greece, which was just in time for an important press event. We were rushed to have more pictures taken and to meet the hosts for these events. We were treated like royalty. Fancy dinners and breathtaking lunches were just the tip of the iceberg. We performed five crowd-pumping routines at the Larissa basketball game, which seemed like more than we do at Bulls games.

Early the next morning we drove back to Athens to sightsee with the Matadors and Ray Clay! The view atop the Acropolis was stunning. The Parthenon stood so grand and beautiful; I still could not believe that I have been given such an incredible opportunity to visit these historic structures. My eyes tear as I witnessed the motionless guards stand at guard at the Athens Parliament. Also, we stopped by the first Olympic stadium and we learned so much about Greek history. Before our late flight to Cyprus, we dined at a disco themed restaurant with a delicious Greek cuisine and a 70’s style dance floor. It ended up being a real treat for the other patrons as some of the Matadors performed an impromptu routine on the “Saturday Night Fever” styled dance floor.

In Cyprus we were invited to a lavish party with everyone apart of the All-Star game. This event included operations staff, MC’s, performers, the FIBA presidents, and even the All-Star Players. The All-Star game was a rush of entertainment packed into four hours. The fans were fascinated by singers, dancers, a slam-dunk contest, the talented players, and of course, the Luvabulls. There was never a dull moment, just like every Bulls home game. The next day we finally had time for more sightseeing. We visited the Kourion which had a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. We also enjoyed a relaxing lunch right on the water! With a few hours to purchase gifts for our loved ones back home, it was time for us to pack up and say goodbye to our hosts and the fascinating terrain of Cyprus and Greece.

After 27 grueling hours of travel, we arrived back home and we were excited to see our friends and family. It was an amazing trip that I will cherish forever. But our job is not over. The playoffs are underway and the games are becoming more intense. I am sad that we have just finished our last regular season practice and game, but now, we are geared up for the intense playoffs schedule. We are learning more routines and are preparing for anything and everything. Our energy and support for the Bulls will be vital for these NBA playoff games and I am confident that the 27 Luvabulls will be dancing and performing harder than ever before! It seems like the job of a Luvabull never ends, but we live for the adrenaline and excitement at every game time. Bring it on! Go Bulls!

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