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Friday, April 27, 2007

I awoke to the bright sun shining through my bedroom window encouraging me to wake up. I thought I had slept through my alarm due to the beauty of the weather outside. I glanced at my clock with some panic, but I then realized I still had a few more minutes to enjoy the comfort of my bed. Finally, it was time to jump in the shower and get ready for a charity appearance in Norwalk. I left an hour and a half early to ensure that I would make it on time...you never know with L.A. traffic. In my opinion, predicting traffic in Los Angeles and always trying to be prompt to all of our appearances, charities, and games is the most stressful part of a Laker Girl's job.

After arriving at my destination I had a half an hour to spare. I went and filled up my gas tank and got a little snack, then proceeded to the Elementary School's parking lot to meet up with other Laker Girls! One of our biggest fans, Miguel, also known as the "The sixth man", was there to greet us. His sister was the pre-K teacher. We all visited her classroom and met the cutest little munchkins. We read two books to them and signed autographs and took pictures with each student. These kids were so polite and definitely brought smiles to all of our faces. We then all split up, and read to the other classrooms in the school, visiting all different classes and grades. We had a great time reading to all of the children! I know we all feel so blessed that working with children and reaching out into the community is part of our job!

I then rushed home, (which took an hour) and got everything ready for our game tonight! Game 3 of the Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns! I was so excited I could hardly contain it! I was also really excited for the rookie Laker Girls to experience their first Playoff Game. My almighty carpool arrived to pick me up and we proceeded to Staples Center. Once we arrived we received a GOLD T-Shirt and were told that everyone coming to the game that night would receive a shirt as well. That was so nice of the Lakers organization to give a keepsake like that to all the fans so that they could REPRESENT the Lakers...not to mention, so the fans can have a token to take home to remember that night forever.

Before the game began, we had to practice our routines so we looked good at the game. Then we got to eat and get ready for the game to begin. I must say the national anthem gave me chills! The energy of the Lakers fans seemed to consume the arena. I knew this energy would pump up the Lakers players and definitely intimidate the Suns players! The game began and the Lakers were off to a rough start. I was scared for a while, but remained optimistic and screamed “DEFENSE” and “GO LAKERS” even LOUDER!!! By the second quarter the game was looking great! I knew the Lakers were in it to win it! After one of our routines, my teammate Lindsey and I got to give our hugest fan a birthday treat - it was Jack Nicholson's birthday! So we presented him with a Lakers birthday cake. Then at halftime they presented a random fan with a great prize for being the 25 millionth Staples Center fan. The game came to an end and the final score was Lakers 95, Suns 89. What an exciting game!!!

I cannot wait until Sunday's game at 12:30...you fans better be wearing your Lakers gear and be yelling your loudest!

Don't forget to REPRESENT!!!

- Tiffany

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