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Regular Day
Thursday, April 26, 2007

After a charity for Amigos de Los Niño’s in La Habra on Monday, and working an event last night, I am glad to have today as a day off for the week. Luckily, I got to sleep in a little bit before I started my day. (that was needed because I stayed up late the night before watching the Lakers vs. Phoenix game) I had to rush home to see the end because I was doing an appearance at a Sports Bar/Grill in Torrance before and during the game. It was a was fun appearance, because everyone there was excited to watch game 2 of the playoffs. We had a lot of support from our loyal fans cheering on the Lakers while they were away in Phoenix. It’s cool to see everyone in their Lakers jerseys shouting at the TVs the whole time! Unfortunately—as you all know—that wasn’t our night, however Thursday definitely will be!!! We’ll be at home in Staples Center and all our fans will be cheering the Lakers on to a much needed victory!

As for today, not a whole lot of exciting news. I had to go purchase eye lashes for the game tomorrow (that probably sounds weird, but most of the girls wear false lashes at the games to make our eyes look bigger! A little Laker girl secret!). While I was out shopping, I found myself looking around at “more things to buy”. Then I realized, I bought what I came for and should leave before I did any damage to my bank account! After having sushi for lunch – yummy! I had to go to Costco to pick up a few things. I actually really like going there, it’s kind of like Target and Wal-Mart - they literally have everything! It’s pretty dangerous actually. I went there to get shoe racks and came home with toilet paper and a rice cooker…but it’s safe to say that all the items will be used! Ha ha! I’m trying to make my day seem interesting but honestly, it was just one of those “normal” days.

In addition, I helped my little sister pack and I let her borrow some stuff to take with her to Washington D.C.. She’s going on her eighth grade trip and “freaking out” on what to wear while she is there. It’s pretty much the end of the world for her if she doesn’t have the exact outfit planned for each day she is visiting, which is seven! I reassured her that she’ll look good and slipped out of that ordeal before my Mom and Nana and everyone got in on it. I was safe at the gym. Just a short workout though, I had plans to go see “300.” I wish I had seen it sooner. Because I had heard so many good reviews from my friends, I was expecting it to be a little bit better. I hate it when that happens! I’d rather not know anything about the movie and then talk about it afterwards.

Well I have to put my stuff together for the BIG game tomorrow - Lakers vs. Phoenix, game 3 in the series. Actually, I have an appearance before the game. It is taking place at an elementary school - for “Literacy Week”. I think this appearance will be fun because we get to hang out and read to the kids. I’ll see you tomorrow at the game because I know you’ll all be watching! (Don’t worry, I won’t forget the lashes!)

Gooooooo LAKERS!!!!!

- Shea

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