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Waiting for Game Time
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello Lakers Fans!

Do you know what today is? If you answered the 2nd game of NBA Playoffs for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns, you're correct! I cannot wait for tonight’s game. Thankfully, Tuesday is my busiest school day of the week where I have four classes throughout the day.

After my second class, I had a meeting with a music producer to “cut” and “mix” music for a high school cheer/dance try-out routine – I “coach” the team. Once the music was edited, I met up with my good friend Katie. Katie is also a member of the Los Angeles Laker Girls…..in addition, she is a Technique Coach for the Pep Squad Program at the same high school. We have been working together for almost four years now, and it has been great!

Well, back to school I go again! Luckily, I had a quiz in one class and a group project in another to work on so my mind was a bit distracted from the anticipation of the game. A friend of mine was “texting” me during class to keep me updated about the play-off game, because I was not finished with my last class of the day until 8:30pm. After class, I quickly rushed home to watch the rest of the Lakers game. Unfortunately, we lost and Kobe injured himself in the 4th quarter. Oh No! It is alright though, because Game 3 of this series is not until Thursday, April 26th at 7:30pm. We will be ready for Phoenix by then. I am so excited for Thursday’s game because it is at the STAPLES Center and I get to cheer for the Los Angeles Lakers in my first play-off game! I hope to see you all there!

Gooooo LAKERS!

- Pennee

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