Thursday, May 03, 2007

Honeybees Confidential: Honeybee Advisor 

Posted by Sasha at 9:29 PM ET

By Cherisse

Dear Cherisse,

I have an acquaintance that is a Honeybee. Is it appropriate to ask her which girls are single and to introduce me to one of them?

Wow! This is so common that I am glad someone finally asked it. Well gentleman, while we don’t share our locker room secrets with the outside world we do share outside world gossip in the locker room. My answer to this question is without a doubt…YES! It is inappropriate to ask which girls are single. If you are truly interested in one of my fellow Honeybees then ask me about her specifically not my entire team, that’s not special.

Dear Cherisse,

It seems that a Honeybee must dedicate a lot of time to be on the squad and attend all of the games. Is this all that the girls do for a living?

Of course not or we would be homeless…this is not our career. A lot of us are attending various universities. However, there are some of us that have already graduated and working full-time jobs thus pursing our professions.

But don’t get me wrong, this is a job too. It’s more than a job - it is an opportunity to pursue a dream that takes a lot of work. We enjoy every second, minute and hour of being a Honeybee because it’s part of who we are and what we do!

Dear Cherisse,

I want to become an NBA dancer what tips can you provide to prepare myself for a future audition?

This is a great question! And if you asked any of my fellow teammates we could provide you some pretty diverse answers but we all know a few tips that all successful dancers must follow to succeed.

1. Train, train and train! Work on your dance technique, style and rhythm every opportunity that you get. Whether you take a dance class, go to a club, take aerobics/yoga or show off in front of the mirror at home. Remember the good ‘ole saying that “Practice makes perfect…” It’s true.
2. Eat healthy. Treat your body, as you would want someone to treat you. The healthier you are the more prepared you are to expand your mind and body to try new things.
3. Be Confident. Be Positive. Be Focused.

Woman at the professional level have an inner confidence and self esteem to perform and present them selves to entertain thousands of people. You must also learn to focus on the positives things in life to become successful.

On behalf of the entire Honeybee team, we wish you the best of luck on pursuing your dreams!

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