Friday, May 25, 2007

Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Opens Dance Studio 

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By Scott Mahon
Leon Valley Recorder
Cynthia Lobo Trinidad, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, is helping young women’s dreams come true.

Trinidad, who also was a Spurs dancer, owns and manages San Antonio’s first professional cheerleader-style dance studio, San Antonio Roses, which had its grand opening in February.

“I’m one of the lucky ones who went on to the pros,” said Trinidad, who was the choreographer for this year’s Miss Fiesta pageant.
Cynthia Trinidad
The San Antonio Roses were the 2004 Mission Belles for the San Antonio Missions, the 2006 Lady Ravens for the San Antonio Ravens and this year’s cheerleaders for the San Antonio Warriors.

But Trinidad quickly discounted any notion that being a professional cheerleader is only about image and looks.

“Interviewing for a team like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is very tough,” said Trinidad, who went to Edison High School and was on the dance team. “They have very high standards. It’s not just about image, it’s also about dedication and professionalism. They want very well-rounded young women.”

Trinidad said most of her students who aspire to be a professional cheerleader have studied dance, ballet and/or gymnastics since an early age.

“Most of my students are multi-talented,” she said. “And most of them already have an established career, like teaching. But being a professional cheerleader is more than just cheerleading at professional games. It also involves charity work and performing all over the country and around the world in the off-season.”

Trinidad said training classes could be anywhere from one to four years, depending on each student’s skill level.
San Antonio Roses
“We do an evaluation on each new student to find out where their skill level is,” she said. “During the training period, we not only teach dance routines, but we prepare them for auditioning for a professional team, like what to wear. We also teach manners, or how to conduct themselves as ladies.”

The San Antonio Roses also were led the Fiesta Flambeau parade.

“We also attend or conduct seminars involving other former NFL and NBA cheerleaders,” Trinidad said. “Many of our alumni have gone on to NFL dance squads. Others have gone on to be professional performers at places like SeaWorld and Walt Disney World. So individuals who want to tryout for NFL or NBA cheer squads now have a place here in San Antonio to learn what it takes to be a professional cheerleader.”

Online home of the San Antonino Roses here.

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