Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Don't Miss the Jills Congraduatory Party 

Posted by James at 5:02 PM ET

If you don't have plans (that can't be changed) Saturday night in the Buffalo area, why not spend the evening partying with 41 of the area's most beautiful women? The 2007 Buffalo Jills will be holding their Congratulatory Party at The Lafayette Tap Room at 10pm this Saturday night.

Buffalo Jills
Jamie, Danielle, Aimee and Kaitlin at last year's party.

This will be the first time the entire squad will be out to greet their fans at once. What better excuse can you come up with for skipping your buddy's weekly poker game than partying with the Jills? The Lafayette Tap Room is at 391 Washington Street in Buffalo...just 3 minutes from HSBC Arena!

Hat tip the Jills and Bandettes Blog.

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