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Denver Broncos Cheerleader Blog - Melissa Aust 

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May 7th, 2007

Well, as you can tell by the title this isn’t Laura. I’m Melissa, one of Laura’s fellow cheerleaders guest blogging this week. I will be doing some guest blogs throughout the season (I will get to that part later) and I thought I’d go ahead and introduce myself.

As I said, I’m Melissa and this is my second year on the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. I am currently a student but in a few short days I will be receiving my B.A.

I have spent the last four years studying Political Science and Economics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It is an incredibly bittersweet time to be facing such a big ending in my life that will be followed by such a great beginning. I am really looking forward to the new challenges that will face me. Within the next few years my hope is that one of those new challenges will be law school. Upon graduating law school I am looking to work in sports law. I have an incredible interest in contracts and so I hope that once I receive my Juris Doctrate, my work will lead me in that direction. However, I have a greater interest in working for a franchise or a company such as the NFL than becoming a player agent.

Having a desire to one day work in the sports industry makes me feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it in the form that I am now, cheerleading. Being on the DBC has been one of the most amazing opportunities I have ever been given. While being a cheerleader can sometimes be time consuming, the sacrifices are always worth it. One of my favorite parts of being on the team is being involved in the community and meeting all the fans. I find that everytime I go to an event I come home having learned something new either about myself, others, or the community at large.

As I mentioned, I will be doing the ocassional guest blog for Laura. What I didn’t mention earlier is that I am a huge football fan. The NFL Network is always on at my house and if I don’t read my Sports Illustrated I go crazy! I love staying up to date on what is going on in and around the league.

Here’s where my guest blogging comes in. I find that people often assume that as cheerleaders we don’t keep up with the game and the numbers. But that is not true at all (In fact, I am not the only member of my team who is knowledgeable about the game.) and I will be here to dispel those rumors!

During camps, after games, or whenever else there is something going on with our Broncos I’ll be here to be giving a little bit of “Melissa’s Morsels.” I’m not sure I can quite compare to Andrew Mason’s Morsels but I’ll be here to represent the cheerleader perspective.

I look forward to seeing you all later in the season!

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