Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dancer in step with fans 

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By Forrest Sellers
Community Press

Hyde Park - It may be a dugout as opposed to a stage. However, Ashley Grecco doesn't mind.

Grecco, who lives in Hyde Park, is part of the Reds Crew, a team that dances and hands out pompoms and T-shirts during Cincinnati Reds' games.

"It's performance dance to get people excited about the game," Grecco said.

However, it's not just the audience who has a good time.

"I just love getting on the dugout and performing," Grecco said. "I also like interacting with the kids."

For Grecco, dancing is nothing new.

She is a former cheerleader and was in the dance program at Xavier University.

"It comes pretty easily to me," she said about dancing.

Grecco hopes her enthusiasm is contagious.

"I want (the audience) to see I'm having fun and enjoy what I'm doing," she said. "Hopefully, that projects on them and they have a good time as well."

Zach Bonkowski, a marketing operations manager for the Reds, said the Reds Crew brings an excitement to the field. The Reds Crew formed in 2006.

He said Grecco is not only a talented performer, but her cheerfulness is obvious.

"She loves to be at the ball park," he said.

It's also something she looks forward to telling stories about some day.

"I was excited to have an opportunity to dance professionally and be involved (with) at the start," she said. "It's something I can tell my grandkids."

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