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Countdown to P.R.O. Convention: 29 Days 

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P.R.O. Instructor Profile: Donald Wells

Being a maverick in the entertainment industry...It's not an easy thing to do. Standing out from the crowd and crafting your vision for others to follow…it takes confidence, attitude and enthusiasm.

I have to admit...What man wouldn't be slightly envious...ok just plain jealous of a man who commands the attention of more than 30 beautiful women? Constantly.

They hang on his every word. He can tell them their hairstyle looks tired…that they need to lose a few around the middle...
His words are quick and sharp...he's on a mission. He knows the look he wants.....he's cool, calm, and direct. Fella's ....I can't hate him because I can't even dance....

Meet Donald Wells. Donald is the director of cheerleading and entertainment for the Washington Redskins.

Working as a high school dance team coach, Donald knew he wanted to work in entertainment. He explains he that really fell in love with dance team sports. "I was a choreographer for the Washington Wizards, and I went on to major in dance at the University of Maryland".

I spoke with Donald about being the only male in a field dominated by women. Beautiful women. Did I mention beautiful? I could tell that he's not intimidated. In fact he loves being the only man in this position in the NFL.

"There are a lot of advantages...especially when it comes to discussing beauty or appearance issues. Women take comments like that better from a man". Donald believes women in America are much harder on each other when it comes to taking and giving that sort of feedback.

Since I'm sure not every woman takes it all in stride, I had to find out...for my own future reference, exactly how does a man in this position deal with “Diva Attitude”?

Donald replies with the same tone of voice...not missing a beat "I don't really deal with it...there's no one that's a bigger diva than me".

But does Donald Wells have Diva attitude?

Donald is grounded and comfortable with his level of control.
"I'm really open and friendly to everyone, and I expect it in return. I have no patience for a diva, because in reality there is always someone more talented"

Donald doesn't admit to having any idols in business or entertainment, he says with a confident smile he simply pulls ideas from all over and adds his own touch to it.

Ahh true rock star fashion baby…don't give up the secrets...yeah!

By Jonathan Champion, All-Pro3, Inc.

There is still time to register for the 4th Annual P.R.O. Convention (June 16-17) in Atlanta.

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