Sunday, May 27, 2007

Broncos Cheerleader Blog: That Championship Season 

Posted by Sasha at 9:39 PM ET

Last week we had a special treat. Jay Howarth, the first cheerleader coach from when the Broncos brought back the cheerleaders in 1993, came to our team and said some motivational words.

Jay is a wonderful speaker, full of energy and wisdom. She spoke about many things, but I’ll tell you about some of the themes that stood out to me.

In the beginning, we talked about what being a Broncos Cheerleader means to us. Jay asked the rookies to throw out words that represent the team and the first two words they spoke of were “passion” and “grace.” Jay said that these two words together encompass what we are and I agree. We have passion for what we do — we are all here because we love to dance and we love the thrill of being on that field for gameday. We also have grace. The dictionary defines grace as “beauty in form, manner, motion, or action”. I like this definition because we try to dance gracefully on the field and perform fun routines that will entertain the fans. But more than that, I think that the “beauty in action” part can refer to the charity work and the compassion the girls have for others. I think that the most beautiful people have an inner beauty that appears in their actions and how they treat others.

Organization is something that is really important to Jay and I agree. Before you can be successful at anything, you need to have a plan. So, we talked about the things that we will do this season to be successful and made a plan.

And finally we talked about fitness. A quote from Jay stood out to me, “Sometimes you have to do the things you don’t like to be better at the things that you love.” She said this in reference to working out in a healthy manner to be better at dancing on the field. I enjoy working out, but there are definitely some days that I’d rather stay in bed instead of hitting the gym early in the morning. But I continue to push myself so that I will have endurance when I dance and I stretch constantly so that I will be more flexible for kick lines, jumps, and leaps.

This year, alumni cheerleader Holly Flahery will be training us once a week. Holly has her own personal fitness business, HB Fitness, which I can highly recommend to anyone wanting to get fit. I’ve trained with Holly in the past for auditions and her workouts are phenomenal. She comes up with creative exercises that work multiple muscle groups while building endurance.

In my eyes, this year is off to a great start! In Jay’s words, we’re looking for a Championship Season!!!

~Laura Sobon
May 14th, 2007

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