Thursday, May 31, 2007

Broncos Cheerleader Blog: Terita Johnson 

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Greetings to all in BroncoLand!!! My name is Terita Johnson and I am this week’s guest blogger. I am a 2nd year veteran of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders (DBC) and couldn’t be happier to return to the team for another great season. Although I am a native of Chicago, IL…Denver, CO is a great place to consider my second home!!

In my hometown of Chicago, I have 2 wonderful parents (Terry and Gayle), 2 sisters (Aretha and Sonya) and a 3-year-old nephew (Kendall “Berry”). Now that I have settled in my new home of Colorado, I miss them dearly. But, I guess you have to grow up and leave home at some point.

Now that I am here in Colorado, I have started some new chapters in my book of life, with one of them being continuing my education. I have just recently began a program to acquire my Ph.D. in Counseling with an emphasis in School Counseling. I already have my BS in Speech Communications and my MA in Secondary Education. So you should be on the lookout for Dr. Terita in the coming years!!

Another chapter includes entering my second season as a DBC!!

This past weekend, we completed our Training Camp at INVESCO Field at Mile High to kickoff our 2007 season. It was great!! I must admit that going through this camp for the second time was a little bit easier to handle than going through it my rookie year. I was a mess after last season’s training camp. Not to say that this season was a breeze. Training camp is a ton of hard work. But the support of our directors, captains and teammates pushed us through such a rigorous weekend of dancing and learning.

We learned 13 routines from the most awesome choreographer in America, in my opinion. His name is John Peters, but we call him “JP”. He has a list of credentials that will knock your socks off considering the fact that he has choreographed for various NBA, NFL and championship Cheerleading teams. However, it’s not just his fun and energetic choreography that makes him so great. It’s his ability to make a dancer want to learn more and more and have fun doing it. JP’s enthusiasm, colloquialisms and love for dance and performance is just the beginning of why the weekend was so enjoyable and successful. If this season’s Training Camp is indicative of what the 2007 Broncos Season has in store, I am ecstatic about the future!!!

As DBC gets closer and closer to other important events in our season, I look forward to blogging again soon. There is something that I try to do for anyone that I encounter and that’s to leave a lasting impression each time we part ways that would make you smile if you think back on our experience with each other. So I leave anyone that comes across this blog with this: “Be Kinder Than Necessary, for Everyone That You Meet Is Fighting Some Kind Of Battle.”

Until next time…Be Blessed, Be True, Be You. Terita
Monday, May 21st, 2007

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