Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beyond the Pom-poms: Stephanie 

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From Panthers.com

1. What are you up to now?
I am currently working as a diabetes care specialist with Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Co070529_btpp_onempany. I am also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, working with pageant girls and women of all sizes and ages motivating them to get fit.

2. What was your most memorable moment as a TopCat?

I have two memorable moments. The first was being named as one of the inaugural members of the TopCats in 1996 and the second was being voted by my peers as TopCat of the Year 1997.

3. Do people still give you that "I know her from somewhere" look?

Yes! I still get “You look familiar” and “Have you been on TV?” sometimes.
Stephanie, Carolina TopCat
4. What do you miss the most from your TopCats experience?
I miss the entire experience the most. I miss seeing all of the girls, I miss sweating 070529_btpp_fouron the practice field, and I miss game day.

5. During Super Bowl XXXVIII, I was…

Watching it on TV, wishing I was there.

6. When at games now, which do you watch more, the players or the current TopCats?

I watch the current TopCats more during games. I love seeing their new moves and cute costumes.

7. If I could give a current TopCat advice, it would be to…

Always smile whether on or off the field. You never k070529_btpp_threenow who is watching you, and someone is always watching you when you represent a great organization.
Stephanie, Carolina TopCat
8. How many games do you go to or watch on TV?
I try to watch all of the games. I currently do not have season tickets but I love attending games when the opportunity arises.

9. How has your experience with the TopCats benefited you today?

The Panthers gave me an opportunity to represent them in Hawaii at the 1998 Pro Bowl and I have been able to use not only that experience, but my entire experience with the organization in my professional career. Companies have realized that if I can be an ambassador for the Carolina Panthers, then I can certainly represent their company.

10. What do you miss the most about the TopCats?

I miss everything about the TopCats. I miss the family atmosphere, the practices, the organization, and the games.

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