Monday, May 21, 2007

Ben-Gals Blog: Auditions are finally over! 

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Anxiety Overload
May 20, 2007

Here we go. Today is the final moment where by 5:00 pm the contestants would have displayed their best!! The nerves will be high as well as anxiety, tension, and an overwhelming amount of passion.

The girls will be judged upon their dance ability, glamour, physique, and skill sets. They already received their interview and skill sets score May 5. Today's judging will be combined with May 5 for their total score. We will select approx 30 ladies of which 24 will cheer each game. We have 15 or so veterans returning so it is a huge opportunity for the rookies.

The judges are from various backgrounds....ex-cheerleaders, dance instructors, professional fitness experts, typical fan, and local celebrities. We will have approx 15 or so judges. The candidates will receive a letter by Friday as to their status. Our first meeting is May 31 and on we go.

Stay posted for our final results!!

Charlotte (Ben-Gals Director)


Whew!!! Now that that's over...
May 21, 2007

What a day! Sunday, May 20th, 53 young ladies poured into Paul Brown Stadium in hopes of making the 2007 Cincinnati Ben-Gal Cheerleading squad. Of those 53 were 14 veterans who’ve experienced the thrill of performing for the best fans in the NFL. It was a long process leading up to that moment, but as you looked around the room, you could see the relief in everyone’s eyes that the day had finally arrived.

Around 1:00, 15 judges of various professional backgrounds were introduced to the auditioning young ladies. Tara, the team's Co-Captain, went first and demonstrated the dance routine to the judges and received a score for her solo. Then two by two, the remaining girls walked in front of the judges to perform the dance routine as they had practiced it and receive their own scores. After numbers 52 and 53 performed, the judges had a small intermission and the young ladies were to change into their two piece swimsuits for the final segment of the audition.

Folks, let me just tell you, I have so much respect for these young ladies. It takes a lot of courage and self confidence to walk in front of the judges with so little on. The girls came up one at a time, walked in front of the judges - posed….turned 180 degrees - posed….turned back around and walked to the end of the judging table - posed… then turned to walk back to the end of the line. Tara went first again. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. But just when she got to that dreaded 180 degree turn and her back was to the judges, she made a funny face at the girls, made them all laugh and the tension was broken. When the last girl had gone, everyone came out for a final walk in groups of 5.

AT LAST! The audition process is over. Now the painful waiting begins as the 14 veterans and 39 Ben-Gal hopefuls await their letters in the mail that will let them know if they made the team or not. The letters should arrive no later than Friday and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see this year’s squad! We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!


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