Thursday, May 10, 2007

Atlantis Fish Feed 

Posted by James at 12:25 PM ET

Good friend of the Blog, Aubrey Aquino (Raiderettes, Cardinals Cheerleaders, Kings Dance Team) is now working as a reporter in Miami for Deco Drive. She writes:
I was "on assignment" in the Bahamas at The Atlantis Resort and I did an "odd jobs" segment, on the fish feeders. The guy who prepares the food and one who actually goes to feed the fish... At the time I was a bit apprehensive, but now I can laugh with all of you. My facial expressions and "sound effects" are priceless and I wrote it that way too! Our Deco Drive editor Andre did a great job as well...sit back and enjoy!!

Aubrye Aquino

Official Aubrey Aquino Website here.

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